What is Advanced Placement?

Here at Lockerby Composite, STEP prepares students for both AP courses and our AP Capstone Certificate Program.

Advanced Placement (or AP) is a program that allows high school students to take university-level courses in grades 11 and 12. Known for its rigor and recognized at universities across Canada and the US, AP offers high standards in education and university preparation. Students taking AP courses are eligible to earn first-year university credits.

Students may take AP courses at Lockerby or, where appropriate, work with a teacher in a subject area of strength to prepare for an AP exam. Last year at Lockerby, a number of students successfully challenged exams in French, Computer Science, and Mandarin.

Who should take AP?

AP is appropriate for any student who wants to challenge themselves and gain university experience in a high school setting. Students enrolled in the AP Program are typically:

Advantages of AP

Like any advanced-placement program, AP provides high school students with university-level materials, effectively preparing them for the rigor of post-secondary education. In fact, research conducted by The College Board found that students who take AP courses typically earn higher averages in university than do their non-AP peers; they are also more likely to complete a university degree in 4 years. Many AP courses also carry advanced standing for first-year university credits, and students enrolled in AP Capstone can earn an AP Seminar and Research Certificate.

Options for Lockerby Students

All Lockerby students are eligible to take AP Courses. The STEP Program, along with our hands-on approach to learning, provides a sound foundation for Advanced Placement. Lockerby’s long-standing tradition of inquiry-based learning means that students have already been encouraged to think critically and creatively. Our design/build focus further fosters innovation and encourages students to become risk-takers in their learning.

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