What is STEP?

The Science and Technology Education Program focuses on a different approach to learning. The program consists of a selection of specially-designed courses that develop students’ problem-solving and critical thinking skills through interactive learning opportunities. In STEP, students learn while experimenting, analyzing, designing, and building. As a result, STEP students gain a deeper understanding of the course content, in a more engaging way, while developing a variety of transferable learning skills.

STEP focuses on the integration of science and technology to teach students about the interconnectedness of learning and the importance of applying their skills to all aspects and areas of their education. Exposure to a technology-rich environment, field trip opportunities, and community experts further enhances students’ learning experiences.

If you are thinking of a career in science, engineering, design, or health care, the STEP program may be for you. Rainbow District School Board that provides free transportation to Lockerby Composite by bus for students who live anywhere in the school board’s region, provided students are out of the designated walking distance boundary. Upon the successful completion of this program (grades 9 through 12), students will receive a STEP certificate. This certificate in addition to students’ ongoing portfolio of work can be used in selection of students for particular programs at the post-secondary levels.

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