Lockerby Virtual Open House 2021

Lockerby Composite School welcomes you to our Virtual Open House. Sign-up below to win our STEP-inspired Virtual Open House Door Prize and click below to hear from our Principal, Mr. Runciman.

Lockerby English and French Immersion Programming

It's great to be a Vikings! Find out more about STEP, our AP Program, and both our English and French Immersion classrooms at the links below!

About Lockerby

Check out our school’s brochure! Within, you’ll get written information about our school, our programming, and what student life is all about at Lockerby Composite School.

Life at Lockerby

Look ahead to 35 years in the future… 50 year old you will be looking back at your high school experiences, and your fondest memories of high school will be your friends, your classes, your teachers, the clubs, teams, activities, school-wide events, and the sports that you were involved in.  Click below to see what extracurricular ‘Life at Lockerby’ looks like. Go Vikings!

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Watch and learn more about:

Lockerby Athletics
Lockerby Cancer Drive
Lockerby Environmental Council
Lockerby Student Council


Ready to apply? It has never been easier, just follow the steps below:

STEP Program Applicants:

  • Includes Laptop Learning option
  • Includes French Immersion option
  • Includes future AP Capstone eligibility
  • A 75% or higher average is required in Grade 8 to be eligible for this program
  • Students receive FREE bus transportation. See form for details
  • Deadline: Friday, March 4, 2022

Non-STEP Applicants:

  • There are no academic prerequisites for this program
  • Students are encouraged to enroll as soon as possible to help ensure they get the optional courses they want

Welcome to Lockerby - Escape Room

Victor the Viking has invited you to check out some of our different Grade 9 high school subjects.  Join him in our Escape Room pursuit by completing a mini-lesson before moving on to the next subject room.  Lets see if you have what it takes!

Are you up to the challenge?

Explore Lockerby

Interested in knowing what a typical day looks like for a Viking? Take a virtual tour of Lockerby Composite School! Just click on the classrooms of interest below to see and watch our classes in action.

Room 154 Room 158 Room 162 Room 150 Room 153 Room 101 Room 162 Room 223 Room 245 Room 231 Room 235 Room 202 Room 205 Room 211 Room 111 Room 113 Room 117 Room 121 Room 98 & 99 Room 116
Room 245 - Grade 10 French
Room 235 - Grade 10 Music
Room 231 - Grade 10 History
Room 223 - Grade 10 Foods
Room 211 - Grade 9 Visual Arts
Room 205 - Grade 9 English
Room 202 - Grade 12 AP Capstone
Room 162 - Grade 11 Health Care
Room 161 - Grade 11 Transportation
Room 156 - Grade 9 Technologies
Room 153 - Grade 9 Mathematics
Room 152 - Grade 10 Construction
Room 150 - Grade 12 Computer Science
Room 121 - Grade 12 Biology
Room 117 - Grade 9 Science
Room 116 - Grade 11 Physics
Room 113 - Grade 10 Science
Room 111 - Grade 11 Chemistry
Room 101 - Grade 11 Communication Technology
Gymnasium - Grade 9 Physical Education
Student Services

Contact Us

Lockerby Composite School

1391 Ramsey View Court

Sudbury, ON P3E 5T4

Phone: 705.522.1750

Fax: 705.522.0658


Virtual and Personalized Information Sessions:

Principal: C. Runciman

Vice-Principal: R. Lafraniere

Office Supervisor: C. Hemmer

Student Services: G. Beaudry

The main office is open from

7:30 am – 3:30 pm.

Register for the 2020 Open House

December 5th @ 7PM